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Selling Eggs in South Carolina

If you have a backyard henhouse, or even a farm with chickens, you may sell eggs at the farm, residence or place where they’re gathered without any further regulation. You should still use common sense: keep the eggs cool and out of the hot sun. Many selling at roadside use a cooler and follow the same labeling and handling standards below (just not applying for the egg license).

Selling eggs to other businesses or other than where they are gathered:Selling eggs in SC

To sell eggs that to other businesses or at locations other than where they’re produced, you must:

  • apply for an Egg License from the SC Department of Agriculture and the eggs must be
  • kept refrigerated at or below 45° F,
  • washed,
  • graded,
  • sized,
  • properly labeled.
  • Only new or unused cartons can be used to package eggs.
  • Cartons cannot bear another producer's or distributor's information.

For more information see the Egg License Guide and the the USDA's Egg Grading Manual.

 Unlabeled, ungraded or unsized eggs or eggs off refrigeration are considered adulterated and will be removed from public sale.

Selling eggs in those categories or selling without an SCDA Egg License are considered misdemeanors and both carry fines.

Selling eggs for hatching?

These are exempt: "Section 39-39-170. The following are exempt from this chapter:(1) persons who buy or sell eggs to be used exclusively for hatching purposes;"

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