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Looking for a farm or ranch for fresh meat, milk or eggs in Queensland, Australia?  Scroll down this page and you will see the aall of thoses in Queensland, Australia, sorted by county. Some are organic ALWAYS call before you go to confirm the info, they don't always report changes to me!

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What's in season in August 2020, and other timely information:

August It's a pretty normal year for meat, milk and eggs, unless you are in the areas affected by the hurricanes.

Local Meat, Milk and Eggs Listings, by area

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  • Laffy Family Farms - Grassfed Organic Beef and Lamb
    Shiloh 131 Millers Easement, Ducklo, Queensland 4405. Phone: 07 4663 8149. Email: Open: DELIVERING DIRECT to Toowoomba – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast.
    Laffy Family Farms is all about producing sustainable, organic beef and lamb, free from synthetic fertilisers, hormones, chemical inputs and antibiotics. We want our local communities to have access to the best food their farmers can produce, and for us that is organically raised produce, grown in harmony with nature, in a sustainable, regenerative circular farming system. Our holistically managed pastures will improve the soil as the years pass, building humus, increasing fertility and capturing carbon. We are passionate about producing organic beef and lamb that is not only sustainable, but full of good fats and health benefits
    Our delivery costs are a flat fee including GST. Simply select your location at checkout.
    Toowoomba, Dalby, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast – $11
    Bundaberg – $17.
    If for some reason your order delivery cost is going to be different to this, we will contact you directly.
  • Maleny Black Angus Beef - Grass-fed Beef
    Maleny, QLD. Phone: 0458 091 170. Email: Open: Order online 24x7; We only deliver to Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Toowoomba - FREE. The healthiest & tastiest grass-fed Black Angus beef direct to you. Grass fed beef has been shown to be better for you and tastier to eat. But not all grass-fed beef is the same. Some of the best beef in the world, and certainly the best in Australia, is raised and prepared right here in Maleny!  Click here for a link to our Facebook page. There are 4 reasons why grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed beef:
    Grass-fed beef has no antibiotics or growth hormones, so it’s safer for you and your family to eat
    Grass-fed beef has all of the good fats, so it’s healthier to eat
    Grass-fed beef has good CLA acids and fats
    Grass-fed beef doesn’t shrink as much, so it keeps its shape better and delivers a bigger steak.
  • Tommerup's Dairy Farm - milk fed heritage breed free range pork, paddock-raised bottle-fed veal, corn and grass fed paddock-raised lamb, butter and pastured eggs from true open range hens.
    2142 Kerry Road, Kerry, Scenic Rim, Queensland. ​Phone 07 5544 9269 or 0400 076 556. Email Open strictly by appointment only. Day visits can be pre-arranged for large groups wishing to visit the farm mid-week.  The butter is then kneaded by hand to remove the excess buttermilk before the addition of Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked salt and the kneading process continues. Each block of butter is hand shaped before being wrapped. Our hens are free to roam over 80 acres of chemical free pasture on our farm in the picturesque Kerry Valley. By day, they feast on pasture, insects and worms before returning to the safety of their caravans at night.